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Name: Manju Kumari
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Few words from the parents:
We have been transferred to the United States from Japan, and both my daughters and my son have faced many challenges and difficulties to start at a new place in a different culture with a different language. Ms. Manju has done an outstanding job in assisting my kids to adapt in the new environment; they are very motivated to go with Ms Manju Kumari. She is always cheerful and willing to understand what kids are thinking and what help they need. I am grateful that our kids got opportunity to be in care of Ms. Manju.
Yamuna  Kumaga
Mrs. Manju Kumari has been a wonderful teacher for my daughter Sarah. She has made it easy to drop off my daughter because my daughter Sarah feels comfortable with her. I notice how comfortable the other students are with her as well and that is because she is warm, caring and friendly to the kids and parents. My daughter has learned a lot from Mrs. Kumari. Sarah always tells about the stories that Mrs. Kumari has read during circle time and the numbers and letters that learned from Mrs Kumari.
Marci  Redebaugh
Ms. Manju is very warm and always has a smile on her face. She is patient, a teacher, and a daycare provider by example. She also understand parents needs and there were many morning where I had to rush to work after dropping Claire off when she was still Clingy and Ms. Manju always has way to distract her and get Claire to play with other kids and saved my day.
Sincerely yours
Sherry  xu
Ms. Manju has  been my daughters’ teacher for more than 2 years! Under her guidance, she has grown academically and learnt all her pre-kindergarten language and counting basics. She has got excellent class organization and patience to deal and engage with small kids.
I wish her the very best in all her endeavors.
Nikita Sharma
I highly recommended Ms. Manju. My sons attended her class from 2008 to 2010 at primary plus school.
Her instructions were always effective and age appropriate. I admire her intimate evaluation at the middle and the end of the school year with regards to my son's advancement and thing we need to work on.
As a parent, I enjoyed speaking with Ms. Manju on a daily basis regarding my son academics and behavior in class. I am grateful to have had such an attentive, caring and understanding teacher, willing to offer advice and instruction to parent, as necessary.
In addition, Ms Manju is loved by all students in her class including my son and I observed them arriving to school and their excitement to see her in the mornings. She was always pleasant and professional and she brought an outstanding level of personal touch to each child's care and concern.
It is my pleasure that I recommended Ms Manju.
Jessica jones
I have known Miss Manju for two years. She is a caring professional teacher. She has a clam and patient demeanor that is essential in a classroom setting with young children. She has ability to communicate with kids and they actually listen.
I know she would always be an asset to any organization and will find success in any endeavor she chooses to pursue.
Kelly A Nix
Ms. Manju! I am so glad I got to meet you. You are the most sweet and loving teacher I have met. You are very patient with children and their parent’s agave very wonderful things to say about you. You are a popular teacher!
Your smile is infectious and you will be very successful for whatever you do. I will miss you dearly! Take care....
Dear Ms. Manju,
We really appreciate all the help given by you in raising both Syrians and shubhan. Thanks a lot
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